🌻 Flourishing in a Post Pandemic World

As winter transforms into spring, it’s a good time to think about change, growth, and invigorating our inner and outer selves.

Drawing nourishment from their surroundings, trees in all their diversity are sprouting new branches and growing new leaves. Harmoniously, these trees provide homes for other living things. They will soon offer shade and coolness as they sway in the breezes.

While flourishing comes naturally to trees, we humans are called to live intentionally if we want to grow with wellbeing and fulfillment in the shifting light, winds, and storms of our lives.

Our resilience, sustenance, and wellbeing begin with us. How do we want to show up during good times and tough times? As we navigate the new normal of this post-pandemic world, how do we live with intention, investing in mind, body, and spirit and life’s possibilities? How can we bring our best selves to our lives, personally, at work, and in our communities?

Recently, I was interviewed by Valeria Teles, moderator of the international podcast, Fit for Joy: A Quest for Well-Being. Our topic was “How to Flourish During Challenging Times”. The podcast explores a range of ideas, including:

  • Living our calling/purpose
  • Living as integrated beings
  • Resilience
  • Connecting with others
  • Strategies to the best lives we can with greater wellbeing
A-Quest-For-Well-Being-IBZ Coaching
📚 Here are some additional resources for flourishing:

My passion is helping people flourish in life and work by bringing mind, body, and spirit into flow with their strengths, purpose, and potential. If you would like to learn more about how Executive or Life Coaching can help you maximize your potential, or if you’d like to invite me to speak at your next webinar or event, please click here to send me an email or visit my website for more information!

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