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Ways people can use Life & Leadership Coaching with Ilene for their benefit:

  • Exploring Personal and Professional Objectives
  • Expanding Leadership Skills and Maximizing Potential
  • Life and/or Career Transition
  • Getting Unstuck and Moving Towards What is Important
  • Work and Life Balance – Juggling your Life
  • Answering the Question: What is the Next Step in My Life
  • Living Life with Personal Clarity, Vision, Meaning, and/or Purpose
  • Managing Time and Prioritizing
  • Navigating and Sticking to Wellness Goals
  • Finding and Getting to “Something More for Me”
  • Solving Problems
  • Managing or Creating Change in Life Direction
  • Doing Things Successfully /Focusing on a Specific Goal
3 Powerful Steps To Reflect - IBZ Coaching
“Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

International Coach Federation, 2009

What kind of people work with Ilene?

Ilene’s clients typically share some similar characteristics. If one or more of these strengths sound like you, but you find yourself getting stuck or not moving forward towards your goals, then coaching may be an excellent fit for you:

  • Willing to Work Hard: I work hard on things and am willing to do what it takes to be successful.
  • Enjoy Learning and Growing: I like to gain new information, and skills. I am willing to consider and try new ideas and implement them in my life.
  • Action-Oriented: I feel good when I get started and I like to take action. A coach can help me figure out what actions I want to take and offer support, feedback, and accountability.
  • Higher Purpose: I strive to live so that my beliefs are in sync with my actions and I have existing or emerging beliefs about the big picture of things.
  • Strive for Excellence: I try to approach life with the intention to do my best and achieve with a high level of success.
  • Resourceful: I seek out the resources I need to get things done.

Life & Work Coaching for Professionals

In addition to many people seeking to make changes in their lives, lots of professionals work with life coaches: physicians, educators, executives, attorneys, engineers, health care professionals. These people are successful in many areas and can include:

  • Professionals seeking more balance between professional and personal goals.
  • Professionals on the brink of change.
  • Leaders ready to advance in career path or take their careers to the next level.

Life and Leadership Coaching Services

Ilene Berns-Zare Coaching - Services - Positive Leadership

Positive Leadership

Ilene Berns-Zare Coaching - Services - Flourishing in Second Half of Life

Flourishing in Second Half of Life

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Meaning & Mindfulness Coaching

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Flourishing Organizations/Offices


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