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Your Words Matter

Your Words Matter

Dear friends, I’m happy to announce that I’ve started a new position as Adjunct Faculty with Institute for Transformational Leadership…
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Shift Your Perspective - IBZ Coaching NL 90

Shifting Your Perspective

👀 Shifting Your Perspective 5 Strategies to Reduce Negative Thinking and Strengthen Self-Acceptance Where we put our attention matters. What…
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“Why do I love your newsletter? It’s written in simple, understandable language that I can grasp as a non-native American. You concentrate all the best in the subject you want your reader to get. If I want, I can go deeper because you add the references at the end. You offer informative ideas and maybe of all of them, there might be a few I can use. This is not the newsletter I want to delete. Your newsletter talks to me.”
– Magda G.

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