12 Tips to Improve Well-Being and Resilience

During the past couple of decades, positive psychology, which studies what makes life most worth living, has gained rave reviews from the scientific community and the general public. Positive psychology calls us toward practices that can lead to happier, more flourishing lives, with a focus on natural strengths rather than weaknesses.

Every day offers 1440 new minutes. Each moment offers opportunities to create positivity within ourselves, and our relationships, communities, and at work. Positive psychology concepts are not shortcuts; they typically require awareness, intention, and deliberate action to achieve.

12 Tips to Improve Well-Being and Resilience

Here are 12 tips rooted in the science of positive psychology, flourishing, and resilience. Consider engaging in one or more practices each day to empower yourself and bolster well-being.

1. Be kind. Do something nice for someone.
2. Love others, love yourself. Share warmth and compassion with yourself and others.
3. Relationships matter. Connect with a friend. Make a date to do something together.
4. Know your strengths. Use a natural strength in a new way daily.
5. Get quiet. Pause. Breathe. Meditate daily even for a few moments.
6. Create your positivity list. Identify 10 things that lift your spirits – include them in your life.
7. Set meaningful goals. Take action on clear, realistic, reachable targets.
8. Savor good stuff. Notice good moments. Celebrate good news.
9. Build your vitality. Move. Walk. Use the stairs. Park further away.
10. Remember to laugh. Smiling activates well-being!
11. Keep learning and exploring. Follow your curiosity. Try something new.
12. Practice gratitude. Think of three things that went well today. Write them, reflect, say thanks.

What’s Next For You?

Which of these hints jumps out at you? Pick one practice that you can commit to this week to create more well-being in your life. Start with one clear, doable action!

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