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Thank You For Your Support

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Thank You For Your Support

Enjoy this special offer…

I appreciate your presence in my life. I am filled with gratitude to those who have offered me the opportunity to be your coach, who read and share my newsletter, attend my seminars, or refer colleagues and friends for coaching.

Writing these newsletters, my goal is to offer what I call a precious nugget. My intention is to offer one or more ideas you might consider or put into action in some way that’s meaningful in your life. This week’s newsletter has a bit of a different focus.

Many people want to explore the benefits of personal life coaching and some don’t quite have the resources to do so. Some of these people may want to work with me as their life coach.

Thank You For Your Support Coupon - IBZ Life & Work Coaching
Thank You For Your Support - IBZ Life & Work Coaching

If you think life coaching is right for you, throughout January you can purchase a package to coach with me at a significantly reduced rate of 33% off my typical fee for 9 life coaching meetings. This includes taking and discussing the online VIA (Values in Action) Strengths Assessment, a research validated survey of your top character strengths. I am offering this package at the significantly reduced rate, if you pay in full, prior to February 1, 2017.

What is Life Coaching?

If you stay with the status quo this year, how will that feel? Are you stuck and just need a few tools and some perspective to move forward? Is there a goal you’ve been trying to reach, but never seem to get to it? Are you successful, but know there’s got to be more?

Personal life coaching is a unique process in which you set a specific agenda with your coach and hold on to it, so your goals don’t get lost in the day to day of life. Your coach offers tools and accountability to help you get on track and take actions to stay accountable to yourself and your objectives. The coaching I offer is grounded in evidence-based practices and the study of human well-being and flourishing. Most coaching is done via the telephone (although we can work face to face if you live in my area) so it is convenient from any location you choose.

Thank You For Your Support - IBZ Life & Work Coaching
Some of my past clients have used life coaching to:
  • Overcome a significant life challenge – move toward a wellness goal, pass an exam, write a book, transition to the next step in life
  • Build better balance between work and life
  • Improve leadership abilities to go forward personally and professionally
  • Manage time more effectively
  • Create a vision for life and move toward it

Sometimes we may hesitate to spend money on our own growth and development. What can be more important than investing in your own potential and well-being?

Here are a few resources you may find useful in 2017…

If you want to learn more about the Life Coaching process, we can begin the conversation when you send me an email or contact me.

Here’s to a flourishing and meaningful 2017,

Thank You For Your Support - IBZ Life & Work Coaching

Discovery Coaching Consultation

During this FREE telephone consultation, we become acquainted, explain what coaching is, and mutually establish if we would be a good fit as a coaching team. We discuss your objectives, your current life circumstances, and obstacles you’ve been facing as you strive to reach your most important life goals. Click here to contact Ilene.

In light and empowerment,

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