Love Of Learning In This Season Of Life: 4 Actions To Create New Learning Adventures - IBZ Life & Work Coaching

Love Of Learning In This Season Of Life: 4 Actions To Create New Learning Adventures

Love of Learning in this Season of Life:

4 Actions to Create New Learning Adventures

No matter what season of life, my essential self continues to flow with the rhythms of the academic calendar. Inspired by spring’s late blossoms, I feel drawn toward closure and the natural world. As summer bursts forth with color and warmth, I am led to contemplate, rest and renew. A lover of learning, I perpetually hope for a peaceful summer pause to slow down, catch up, read, visualize, and plan for the months ahead. And, as nature’s rhythms turn to autumn, I find myself ready to generate next steps, eager to dive into new learnings, skills and adventures. My inner “forever student” continues to circle back in this habitual cycle in each phase of my life.

Love of learning is one of my top character strengths (Neimiec, 2017). I may not master everything I study, but I love the experience of learning and growing. Whether love of learning is one of your top character strengths or a strength you want to enhance, continuing to learn and sharing what you learn with others, can bring greater joy, understanding and meaning to your life.

The ability to learn is enhanced by a growth mindset. Mindset, validated by the research of Carol Dweck, PhD (2006) conceptualizes the brain like a muscle that we can develop. Choosing to flex our muscle of growth mindset can lead us toward greater skill development, enhanced insight, and transformation.

Each season of our lives offers opportunities to learn, to journey beyond our certainties toward becoming fuller human beings. While sometimes the focus is simply to take in new information, learning can also transform our possibilities and understandings, and impact our roles, choices, and actions. As we learn and teach we can connect not only to the topic and material, but also to ancestors, contemporaries and future generations of learners and teachers.

How do you want to enable learning to flow in this season of your life?
Love Of Learning In This Season Of Life: 4 Actions To Create New Learning Adventures - IBZ Life & Work Coaching

4 Actions To Create New Learning Adventures:

  1. Ask a child, co-worker, or older adult to share a bit of wisdom with you or teach you something (even for a moment or two). You may be surprised by what you learn, and you may bring meaning into that person’s life.
  2. Learn a new skill. For example: Try a new computer program or app, practice a leadership strategy, use the computer mouse with your non-dominant hand, throw a football, bake a soufflé, try yoga.
  3. Learn something new about a topic you’re interested in. Search the internet, have a conversation with an expert, or read a book about it.
  4. Regularly take a few moments to ponder a wise or humorous quote, paragraph or page of reading material. What new idea or insight can you bring into your life?

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Love Of Learning In This Season Of Life: 4 Actions To Create New Learning Adventures - IBZ Life & Work Coaching

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