Using “Structure” to Stay Focused on Your Goal:

A Simple Strategy for Sustainable Success

“You may never know what results come from your action.
But if you do nothing, there will be no result.”
– Mahatma Ghandi

Does this sound familiar?
You set a personal or professional goal for yourself. The objective is designated as important and you really want to attain success. As the days unfold, the goal somehow slips away from your priorities. As the saying goes, out of sight, out of mind.

How can I focus my attention to remember my goal?
In coaching, a strategy that helps people focus attention on their goal is called a “structure.” There are many types of structures, which can appeal to any of the senses.

A structure is a tactic that brings attention to what is important to stimulate taking action.
Using Structure to Stay Focused on Your Goal- A Simple Strategy for Sustainable Success - IBZ Life & Work Coaching

A coaching client recently set an objective to achieve more frequent active movement at home and work. She created a structure by setting a calendar alert on her smart phone to remind her three times daily to get up and move. Another woman’s goal was to begin each morning reading a couple of pages from a motivational book that was meaningful to her. Placing a reminder sticky note on her bedroom mirror provided an effective jumpstart each morning.

Using your intuition, you may come up with a unique structure that really fits for you. For example, putting a stone in your pocket that reminds you to exercise to get stronger or wearing a piece of jewelry to frequently recall your connection to someone you love.

Here are some fundamental ideas to support your goals using structure:
  • Sending yourself an email or text message reminder.
  • Scheduling a daily meeting with a friend with a similar goal, or who is willing to support to you.
  • Posting a reminder in a visible spot, such as your computer monitor, refrigerator, door, or mirror.
  • Placing your briefcase or backpack near the door pre-packed with items you’ll need for the next day.
  • Breaking a large goal into multiple smaller, doable chunks. Choosing a structure to help keep each task in focus.
  • Setting a calendar alert on your phone to boost awareness.
  • Listening to a song that motivates or helps you focus.
  • Choosing a song as the ringer for your phone.
  • Posting a photo or image that motivates you toward your goal.
  • Creating a list of tasks and keeping it in your view during the day.

Structures are simple strategies that can help us focus and sustain actions toward our goals. Which ones work for you?

Please share your ideas!

I would love to hear from you about structures and strategies you’ve used to be on track with your goals! Please email me to share your ideas.

Using "Structure" to Stay Focused on Your Goal: A Simple Strategy for Sustainable Success - IBZ Life Coaching

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